How you remember Witness was greatly influenced by when you saw them and which show was your favorite. 
Witness was both a cover band and an original act. 
They played everything from small clubs to large concerts. 

Where did you first see Witness? Here is a list of the possible locations!  (we may have missed a few) 

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Many remember the Jethro Tull show Witness preformed. This button will lead you to a gallery of pictures from those days.

Others will remember the wild antics of Billy Spence ! If these are your memories, use this button! 

Still, others will remember Witness as an Original Band. If these are your memories, this is your button! 

Witness didn't stop there!
We'll just call this: 

"Beyond !"

And here's how it all got started in the 70's ! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< The Story Continues !

And now for something completely different  ...........

2008 Mid Life Crisis Tour!

The Scrapbook!
Random Shots of the most  Random Nature! 

2007 Witness Reunion Party!
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Here are some high resolution pictures suitable for Wallpaper.

The Steelman Reunion !
These are from the night Steelman Returned

By the Venue !

How about a peak backstage? 

Here's a page that focuses on some of those unforgettable facial expressions!

Scenes from the Kent Motel 
(FL tour)

More Photos can be found on our
Flickr Photo Site

In June of 2017, a memorial service was held for Ted, our manager. It was a rare meeting of the band. Here's some pictures. 

Witness 1993/1994 at Crilleys  

Fun fact-   Yes, the "click" buttons above are pictures of the 
buttons we gave out in the clubs!


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