-The Billy Spence Show
(Who, Genesis, Joel, Springsteen, and more!)

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Fun fact-    Witness used almost 850 pounds of class "B" explosives from 1979 to 1985


See The Show!

For our Wildwood Fans !! This is what things really looked like down at the Playpen in 84 After Channel 2 taped our show, they kept the cameras running while we kicked in our real lighting and effects! Most were too vivid for their equipment to take! This is a piece of the Genesis Show, unfortunately, the tape was damaged, and Billy had a sore throat. 

(Click Picture to watch)

Witness Who Show
YouTube Video

McDade House

Billy performs "Behind Blue Eyes" as part of Witness's Who Show. This one was always a favorite! Once again, sorry about the camera quality! 

Witness Genesis  Show
YouTube Video
"Lamb Lies Down"
Some footage from 1982 of the Witness "Genesis" show. This was shot at a venue near Flemington New Jersey called the Shady Lane. Being a lighting designer, show sets were always my favorites. 
Shady Lane

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