-The Original Band

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Billy and Steelman ARE both airborne !

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TV Shows
Witness appeared on many TV shows and specials. For now, we have some shots from "AM Philadelphia" and "USA Hot Spots"

Studio Stuff
Pictures from the work done in the studio.

Friends and Parties!
Some pictures of our friends, and some of the more "G" rated parties!


<<<<<<   Witness by the set !

Here is another full set of Witness! This set is of original music. You can play them in sequence, or jump around as you like by clicking the set list ! Included:

Make Me Feel Right, Finally Fallen in Love, Don't Bother with a Man Like Me, Tommy's New Guitar, and a Bonus Track! 

"Finally Fallen in Love"


"Bleedin In 
The Heart"

(See AV page for more Audio clips)

Billy Spence-Vocals
Steelman Disston- Guitar, Vocal
Kent Warner-Bass,Vocal
Mike Labuono-Keyboards
Mitch Schecter-Drums


"She Made Me Cry"

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