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Back Stage

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Fun fact-  (Above) In the early days, Billy Spence would often run spot for the Tull show!  (Only time he ever listened to me!) Pictured on a carbon arc Trouper spotlight.

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2nd Album studio session

Scott Schecter (above) 
working on our "Neon" sign

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Mitch - Sound check Light and Sound plot

Fun fact-    

Cecil !!
Trax  NYC Witness had the habit of making everything look fun and easy. Not so! Every wire, microphone, light, and move on stage was carefully though out in advance at endless rehearsals and meetings!


Pictured Right, one of many massive VTRs used to tape Witness on the USA Hot Spots show.

USA Hot Spots video truck Deck #5

Below, Higgins's first Mixer rig. This was later retired to stage monitor duty. 

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Above, 36 channel 3 scene lighting console with full output matrix, and 20 preset scene capability. 

(Still have it !) 

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Pictured Left - Purr looks lost in a sea of special microphone stands used to mic the drum set.


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(Above) Steelman next to one of our Pneumatic lifts that were use to elevate equipment.

  Probe the crazy world of Sound & Lights
(or should I say the crazy road crew!)
Someone once said that "When Witness pulls into town, it's like the Circus has landed" Here is a look at our crew of the early 80's, as well as some behind the scenes shots!   Also, I included some technical specifications, as well as some funny video clips.


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