- The Tull Show

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Fun fact-    

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Before our soundman switched over to vocal processing, Mike used an empty toilet paper tube to produce the vocal effect in "Aqualung." When the part was over, he would let it drop off the microphone and continue. Inevitably, a fan would grab it off the stage as a souvenir.  This made for an interesting challenge.... How to come up with enough empty toilet paper tubes!

The band and crew were pressed into service... 
(so to speak)

Heavy Horses
Dark Ages

YouTube Video

Taped on an off night in a smaller club in 1981, this is a more obscure cut of the show. 

Pay close attention to the flourishes that made the band such a hit.


YouTube Video

From our 1981 "Spotlight" show at the Ale House, a good sample of the show done by Michael. With Higgins at the mix, the locomotive felt like it was going to come through the building! 

Fun fact-  

Almost 1400 pounds of Dry Ice along with 40 gallons of fog juice were used 
by the band from 1979 to 1985 to produce fogging effects!

Witness by the set !

Want to watch a whole set of Witness?  This is the Tull Show.  There are about twelve songs which you can play in sequence, or jump around as you like by clicking the set list ! 


  Locomotive Breath, Black Sunday, Heavy Horses, Dark Ages, My God, God Rest Ye, Thick as a Brick, Aqualung, Cross Eyed Mary, Dam-Busters, 
 Too Old to Rock and Roll, and a Bonus Track!

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