Beyond !

The "Robert Palmer" Show !

What could be more fitting then Billy inviting a bunch of beautiful girls 
up on stage with him to play on cardboard guitars! ! 
(Think "Addicted to Love") 

cec04.jpg (142895 bytes)

The Cecile Show !

The character "Cecile Erkel" was used by the band to introduce the Talking Heads show! 

 LRoy Fronts !
When L Roy returned fans were in for a surprise ! 
He Fronts! So well, he developed his own following! 

The Return of Tull
As luck would have it, a second great flute player joined the band in the form of Flip Britton! At this point, it was only natural to bring back some Jethro Tull !

The Fantastic Britton Brothers !
One of the great treasures of the band know as Syn, was a pair of brothers known as the Brittons!  After the final curtain call for Syn, we were lucky enough to lure Mark and Flip into Witness !

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