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"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"
What it looked like to us -AFTER- a few drinks!

What things looked like after a few drinks!  Original Witness Light-board  (yea, right!)

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Lighting & Effects

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Fun fact-    While setting up for the show pictured to the right, we accidentally disconnected power to a hotel and water park during peak summer hours! 

(not too funny for the owners) 

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Witness Sound inventory 1982

  • (8) full size sub-bass folded horns with JBL 18's
  • (12) horn loaded bass cabinets with Gauss 15's
  • (4) horn loaded mid frequency double 12's
  • (4) 10x4 mid frequency cabinets
  • (12) BRH90 Community horns with Altec 288g drivers
  • (7) Crown DC300A Power amps (5000w rms)
  • Crown PSA 2600 watt Power amp
  • 28 channel Mom's main board
  • 12 channel Gately rack mount sub mixer
  • 16x8 channel on stage monitor mixer
  • 48 channel main snake with veam connectors
  • (8) two way foot monitors
  • (20) SM57 & SM58 microphones
  • Effects Rack (too numerable to inventory)
  • A LOT of wire! 

Equipment varied depending on the venue. In many cases, the sound system became part of the stage. Often, the stage was extended by using a row of sub-bass cabinets across the front, providing additional platform area while helping to centralize the acoustic image. 


Pictures !

Some Challenging Locations !

The Set Ups & Showtime !

Early Days

Witness Lighting inventory 1982 ( DAE Lighting )

  • (76) 1000 watt par64 fixtures
  • (24) Air Craft Landing lights
  • (12) 1000 watt beam projectors
  • (2) Carbon Arc Troupers Follow Spots
  • (2) Carbon Arc Super Troupers Follow Spots
  • (2) Satellite HMI arc Follow Spots
  • 40 foot triangle truss
  • 40 foot box truss
  • (6) Genie Lifts & Super lifts
  • (12) 1000 watt Ellipsoidal spot lights
  • 150rc 30 amp super strobe
  • 8 explosion proof power strobes
  • 36 channel 3 scene, 10 preset scene control board
  • 48 channel 3 scene, 20 preset scene control board
  • 36 channel high-density club controller
  • 120,000 watt EDI dimmer system
  • Clear Com / Telex 12 station communication system
  • 1200 feet 2/0 feeder system with Semiens Disconnect
  • (6) 30 lamp 8 foot Xray foot lights
  • (14) anvil flight cases for above
  • A LOT of wire ;)

Performance show varied from about 30,000 watts for a club show to 130,000 watts for a large theater show. In addition to the core equipment listed above, addition custom effect systems were designed for specific needs. 

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Joe at the stage monitor mix Brooksie steps in on Lights Higgins shown at the main mix
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Fun fact-    
Higgins was always known for a thunderous mix of the band. When we filmed the USA Hot-Spots show, the camera crew found the sound was so loud it was distorting their images. To fix this, they wrapped their cameras in heavy moving blankets!  To the right is one of two stacks used that night, full house sound was:

  • 4 full size folded horn 18s

  • 6 mid bass cabinets

  • 4 midrange cabinets

  • 8 community horns

By far, not even the full system !!

JD at the Lighting Console

Crew YouTube Clips

Sorry about the quality! All were filmed using 1970's vintage video equipment back in the 80's

Truck Breakdown
Life on the road .. and another breakdown!
What we did during the day! 

Billy announces in an interview how the band is going far, at the same time, unknown to him, it's equipment is not! 

Some funny snippets from the crew video 
"The Past 4 Years"
Includes bits of a band meeting in the back of the truck.

The title says it all !

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