Recognize that tune ?

In the summers of 79, 80, 81, and 82, Witness did a fantastic Tull show!
Preceding the show, the house lights would dim and in the dark the band would take the stage. During the process, the song Warm Sporran was played.
Crowds soon learned that when they heard the music,  the show was about to start! Many remember the music, but because it was an instrumental,  few remember the actual title to the song.
Although the Witness Tull show was reprieved by the Britton Brothers in the 
late 80s, Warm Sporran did not return.

Warm Sporran was released on the Stormwatch album in 1980

You can hear the whole thing Here or, you can download a copy
from your favorite store:  iTunes  -or- Amazon


A Letter from Michael Disston