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...Formed in the late 70's, Witness entertained millions of loyal fans before their final curtain call in the early 90's. ...  "Final" may however be too strong a word judging by the success of our April 2007 Reunion Party, and 2008 show. This site is growing from our past and present memories, photos, and artifacts which have survived the ravages of time! 

...I served as Lighting and Special effects designer / director for the band from 1979 to 1986. (and 2007 to current) I am happy to say that the original members are not only alive today, but some are downright thriving!  With their help, we are trying to give the new generation a peak a what a great time we had back then, as well as provide a cyber scrapbook to our members and loyal fans. (And, by the looks of things, a live show every now and then!) 
...Rather than produce a site with emotionless pictures, we have tried to capture some of the feel for what it was like to experience Witness.  We now have over 800 pictures in our galleries plus a Flickr Photo gallery. Also, there are over 140 YouTube videos linked to some of the pages. Most are from live shows or TV appearances.  Billy also has a Youtube Channel as he is still writing music!   Please check out some of the original songs on the bottom of our last Audio / Video page...     
...Many of the old band members have joined in this project and are contributing "stuff" that should make this a pretty cool site to visit. You will also run into them from time to time on our Shoutbox! For a sample of how it used to be, click on the photo above and you can relive a "set" done by Witness !  
** Enjoy ! **     - JD

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