WITNESS REUNION NEWS!!! The date is set! SUNDAY,APRIL 20th, 2008...2PM to 7PM There will be only 200 tickets available. Tickets will be going on-sale on the Witness website at www.witness-rocks.com as well as directly from the Fire Hall. 
The Reunion will be held at: 

The Collingdale Fire House 
510 Clifton Ave. 

All Proceeds will benefit the Delaware County Fireman's Fund to help built the monument at Rose Tree Park in Media 
Tickets are $30.00 and there will be Beef and Beer Included!

The Witness band performing will be:
Michael LaBuono-Keyboards & Vocals, 
Roy Altemus-Bass & Vocals, 
Flip Britton-Bass, Guitar, Flute, Sax & Vocals, 
Marc Britton-Lead Guitar, Sax & Vocals, 
Mitchell Schecter-Drums & Percussion. 

Lightman Wizard JD, who was responsible for the beautiful light shows during Witness' club run in the 70's and 80's,will be providing an amazing light show, and Marc Allan, one of their former soundmen,will be providing the sound! 

Lots of Classic Rock will be performed! You remember...the difficult stuff...that only Witness could perform to the tee! And....they do expect some "guest" appearances from other former members of the band through the years..."Steelman" will try to come down from his home in New England, and if anyone from the band's history shows up, they will get them onstage!!!!! 
And it's all for a wonderful cause!

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